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Geography 2240A/B
Philip Egberts

2012 09 23 Mapping Migration Patterns on Concrete Beach For our mapping exercise we decided to map the traffic intensity of people out front of the University Community Centre on Concrete Beach. We decided on this because it is an important thoroughfare and gathering place for the entire university. To map this feature, we decided to visit the area on multiple occasions between 11-4pm over a number of days to ensure accurate results. We chose to go in this time period because we figured this would be the time when the UCC would be most active and would therefore yield the most useful results. We then decided on the areal extent of our map and printed a basemap of the area off of Google Earth. The area we chose to map extends approximately from the edge of the Social Science building, to the front entrance of the UCC, to the side of Weldon library to just a little bit past the road out front of the UCC. With our basemap in hand we went to Concrete Beach over the course of several days and took note of the number of people travelling over the various pathways. From a stationary position we noted the intensity of people travelling along the different routes out front of the UCC, and the areas in which there was consistently a high number of students throughout the time we were observing. To denote the different levels of traffic intensity along the many pathways we decided to use different colour lines with arrows pointing in the direction of travel. Traffic travelling towards the UCC is indicated by a dashed line, and traffic travelling away from the UCC is indicated by a solid line. We also noted any points of particular interest where people tended to be travelling towards or gathering in such as the Spoke
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