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Geography 2240A/B
Philip Egberts

G2240A Fall2012 Assignment TWO: Trip Route Map and Field Research Site Map DUE : Week of Monday Oct 15th Brief on this Assignment: You are in charge of planning a scientific research expedition, with an expressed research interest, travel plan, research site map, and earth imagery of the research site. Briefing: You are flying to a region of scientific interest, renting transportation, getting supplies, and then navigating to your field research site. You will spend a number of days at the research site (e.g. 3-5 days), and then drive back to the airport, return the rental vehicle, and fly back. Constraints: A. You have 7 days to spend on the trip. B. The location can be anywhere on Earth, but there must be time to travel and perform the research within the allotted time. C. Your research site must be chosen according to your research interest. D. The route and the stops along the route must be rationalized and listed. Give the reason(s) why you are choosing a particular route and stopping for the night at a particular place (for example: to break a long car drive up, routes are closed seasonally due to weather, governments have restricted your access, etc.) Deliverables: This is an individual assignment (not done in pairs or groups). Your entire submission should consist of four (4) pages on regular 8.5x11" sheets of paper. The order should be as follows: Page 1: The Summary (15%) should contain your research interest, the location of the research site, the travel itinerary, a description of the research field site’s pertinent features, and brief mention of your research method. Page 2: The Route Map (35%) of how you’ll get from the airport to your research site. This should not be a satellite image, be at an appropriate scale, include your route and the locations of your stops along the way, and indicate the location of your research site. Page 3: The Field Research Site Map (35%) of where the research will take place. This should not be a satellite image, be at an appropriate scale, have the route the researcher must travel, and include the locations of your measurements. Page 4: A Google Earth (GE) Virtual Geo-reconnaissance (15%) output for your field research site. Include orthogonal and ob
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