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Western University
Geography 2240A/B
Philip Egberts

G2240A Fall2012 Assignment THREE: Terrain Mapping of Area of Interest DUE : Week of Monday Oct 29th Brief on this Assignment: This assignment involves Terrain Mapping, aka Relief Portrayal, of your Research Site. The terrain mapping must include Relative (qualitatitive, visual), Absolute (quantitative, numerical elevation values) Relief Mapping Methods and a Combined mapping Product (Absolute on Relative background). For example, provide a Shaded Relief map (Relative), a Contour map (Absolute) and a composite that combines the two. Search for data, tools and techniques to present your three maps. Deliverables: This is an individual assignment (not done in pairs or groups). Your entire submission should consist of four (4) pages on regular 8.5x11" sheets of paper. The order should be as follows: Page 1: Summary (25%) Write a Brief Summary of this Mapping Exercise. Describe summarily what you set out to do, and what you did in terms of data search, tools used and methods employed. Add a paragraph or two with your Conclusions, „Lessons Learned‟, Questions, Suggestions, etc. Page 2: Relative Relief Portrayal Map (25%) Use a Planimetric (rather than Oblique) Perspective for this map. Page 3: Absolute Relief Portrayal Map (25%) Use a Planimetric (rather than Oblique) Perspective for this map. Get a DEM or Contour data for this map (it is harder to come by Spot Elevation data). If your site is very small, could you make your own spot elevation map using Google Earth by moving the cursor and documenting the change in elevation? Present the map as either a Contour Map or as an Elevation Range Map (with suitable color zones and Legend). Note that Spot Elevations can be converted to a DEM or to Contours. Also note that a DEM can be used to derive
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