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Lecture 1

Geography 2330A/B Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Geomorphology, Hydrology

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GEOG 2330A/B
Peter Ashmore

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-Geomorphology and Hydrologist – natural scientists – do similar thing as biologists and
ecologists and geologists
-There are many measurements, experiments, observations, analysis of paleo environments
(i.e. water chemistry)
-We do modelling and statistics (either computer based model of sediment flow or mini
-Many maps are made
-Models – more control of river gradient, sediment material, speed of water flow
-Primarily interested in landscapes and processes of landscapes – things that happen to
landscape in regards, to erosion, deposition, sediment movement…natural processes…we
study these things to understand how human activities will be affected
-tectonics create landscape surfaces and expose different types of materials which can
ultimately affect erosion rates
-Endogenic processes – thing that happen inside the earth to create topography on the earth
-Exogenic – things that happen on the earth’s surface that affects things on the surface – i.e.
weather, climate, hydrology, gravitational forces, water flow downs slopes (all driven by solar
energy)…flows of energy, flows of water and flows of sediment (flows of mass, i.e. moving water
and sediment, from erosional areas to depositional areas)
-also interested in land forms at all kinds of scales (time scales and size scales)
-explain history and development and bed rocks, stability of slopes and erosion rates
-Formation of deltas and channels
-Effects of glaciation (under your feet, especially in Canada)
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