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Geography 2410A/B
Jeff Hopkins

GEOG 2410 Lecture 3 What possible explanations account for this? Among the answers…  Economic modes of production  Spatial variation and resources Places of Leisure and Consumption 1) Leisure, Recreation and Tourism 2) Consumption and Consumer Spatial Behaviour 3) Retail Place design 1) Leisure, Recreation and Tourism a. Leisure: “The time available to an individual when work, sleep and other basic needs have been met” i.e. free time -> play time b. Leisure varies demographically Most leisure time held by: very young, retired, wealthy, unemployed i. Some Canadians have very little leisure time c. Leisure varies over space i. British have more leisure time than Canadians d. Leisure varies over time i. Amount increased over 20 century E.g. 1900 avg work week in manufacturing: 53 hours -1900 avg workweek in manufacturing: 42 hours (USA) e. BE AWARE th i. Some challenge contention leisure time increased over 20 century ii. Leisure time in 2005 = 1900 (USA)? iii. Depends upon definition of “leisure time” e.g. more people pursue education during “free time” 2) Recreation: “Activities willingly performed after discharging of employment duties and social obligations” a. What one willingly does during leisure time, a subjective attitude 3) Tourism: “Temporary movement to destinations outside normal home and work place, the activities undertaken during the stay, and the facilities created to cater to their needs” 4) Recreation Activity Continuum:: Home Based: Daily Leisure: Day Trips: Reading Theatres Attractions Gardening Restaurants Picnics TV Sporting Event Beach Socializing Shopping Geographic Range Home Local Regional National and International 5) Geographical Sites of Leisure Places (time and distance increase) a. Primary site: Inside Home b. Secondary sites: Outside Home c. Tertiary Sites: Away from Home 6) Determinants of Activities a. Largely a function of class: i. Age ii. Income iii. Education 7) With rise of Leisure time, the rise of recreation and tourism industries:
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