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Lecture 6

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Geography 2410A/B
Jeff Hopkins

Geography 2410B February 11, 2014 Lecture 6 Geography of Gender 1. Difference between Sexes 2. Gender Basics 3. The ‘F’Word & Geography 4. Geographies of Masculinities Difference between Sexes Globally speaking... • Female infant mortality rates are unnecessarily higher than boys in some parts of the world due to lower statistics of women –TRUE • ¼ women on the planet will be subjected to sexual/physical abuse during their lifetime –FALSE, 1/3 • 2/3 of the world’s illiterates = females –TRUE • Females, especially young, have higher unemployment –TRUE • On average, only 25% of the world’s elected parliament members are female –FALSE, 19% At a global scale, in terms of birth, education, politics, health, and economics, opportunities and power is different and unequal between sexes; females = disadvantaged Within Canada... • If born female, one’s chance of living in poverty is higher than male –TRUE, they comprise the majority of poor • Female comprise just under 50% of labour force –TRUE, 46% • Females are lower than 5% of Canada’s top business managers –FALSE, just under 8% • On average, females earn just 90 cents for every $1 –FALSE, just under 85% earned by men • ½ of all female in Canada (16+) have experienced at least 1 act of physical/sexual violence –TRUE, o Sexual assault: 86% o Harassment: 78% o Kidnap/Abduction: 67% • Only 21% of full-time academics at Canadian universities are female –FALSE, 30% • 2011, Canadian federal election, only 76% of 308 seats in parliament were female –TRUE, highest ever The point... • Despite many advances toward equalities in Canada, difference in power and opportunities between sexes remain women disadvantaged Being Male PROS CONS Geography 2410B February 11, 2014 Lecture 6 • Lead most nations • Shorter life spans • Hold top corporate positions • Most homeless • Higher incomes • 2/3 work related injuries • More educated • Higher suicide rates (4-5 times more violent) • Higher murder & assault battery rates • Higher substance abuse rates • Higher incidence of life threatening disease • Fewer intimate friendships • Less time with children Gender ‘Sex’is Biological Gender is Cultural • Socially constructed identity • Minimal physical and biological variations aside, differences between male and female are socially constructed in a cultural, political, economic context Characteristics Masculinity Femininity • Strength • Gentle • Short hair • Nurturing • Dominance • Emotional Gender is Plural • Numerous ways to be a ‘man’; numerous ways to be a ‘woman’ • Could be a ‘feminine’male; could be a ‘masculine’female • Fluid and changing Gender is Political • Dominant gender-based culture is male and masculine • Patriarchy: a culture of gender dominance o Men and male val
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