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German 4400A/B
Christopher Ellis

(slide 1) Right now the barrier effecting productivity is a clash of personalities and a lack of task cohesion brought on by an absence of a discernable leadership role. There is no communication among the members of this team and with a lack of a leader comes a struggle for power. (slide 2) The frequent turnover of group members in the selection process for the varsity boat has elicited direct competition among team members to secure their spot in their preferred boat. As it stands the failure of the varsity boat is causing a lack of attraction among members, which is necessary for group development and ultimately group productivity. A clear team captain or leader must be determined in order to promote and enforce team roles, norms, and goals. It will also be beneficial to have a senior authority figure to help with internal problems the coaching staff may not be aware of. (slide 3) Coaches, it will be your job to use the individual accountability surveys to judge who the team thinks is the strongest contributors mentally and physically. By knowing whom the strongest resources are, you then have to determine a captain based on leadership qualities, and whom you interpret will be shown the
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