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Western University
History of Science
History of Science 2220
Dorotea Gucciardo

THE SCIENTIFIC REVOLUTION November 14 2012Context thth 16 and primarily 17 centuriesFollowing the Protestant Reformation Martin Luther sparked a century of religious warsThe longest was the 30 Year War from 16181648 and ended with the Treaty of Westphalia bringing about the modern nation state systemUniversities began to establish new chairs of science and medicine and the Scientific Method and New Society science forum for academics are createdGrecoRoman worldview including Galen is thrown outNew conception heliocentric universe and the world as infiniteThe Scientific MethodFormulated by Francis Bacon a lawyer and Lord Chancellor highest officer in the Crown 15611626The Great Restoration never finished or published calls for total reconstruction of reevaluation of knowledge in all disciplines to understand the natural physical worldThis method was to be built on inductive principles to go from the particular to the generalTo be done through experimentation empiricism and observationRen Descartes 15961650 built on this emphasizing deduction and mathematicsEspoused a philosophy of rationalism and the separation of mind and mattera dualism known as Cartesian DualismBy using reason it would lean to a path of knowledge attainable through mathUnderstanding the world as a machine dictated by physical laws created by the greatest mathematician GodViewed matter as dead to be in
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