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American South History November 11.doc

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Eric Jarvis

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American History November 11
The south is a violent agea
using violence to “put balcks in their place
Large number of violent organizations formed during reconstruction not governemnent
Klan is only one group
Formed in 1865
Male fraternal order
The leader called a grand wizard
Formed by a guy named Forrest
Disbanded in 1869- but continued on unofficially
This is based on intimidation there is no one there to protect these people
Economic pressure against blacks… they coulnt even take out loans
1866 first civil rights bill
To fight black codes
Country is slipping into a congressional dictatorship at this point in time (prez is being
14th amendment
all oersons born in the usa are citizens or the us and citizens of the their state of
residence. No state can cut away the rights of a citizen or deny a person the right to life
liberty or property without due process of the law.
Reconstruction Acts 1867
All of the 10% states (those were the states required to vote to pass the 13th
amendment…. ??) were kicked out of the union and lose their political identity
They are turned into 5 military districts they are considered conqured areas
Military commander in charge of the disticts.
meant to protect civil rights
Administer justice
Help the freedmens bureau
Protect blacks and register them to vote
Any white man who participated in the war lost the vote.
Also a loyalty vote was required.
1871 all rejoined the union.
15th amendment 1870
All states cannot deny the vote based on race colour or previous servitude.
The south still finds a way to undermine this
Example “you cannot vote if your grandfather could not vote”
1877 troops withdraw from the south
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