American South History: Slavery and Slave Rebellions

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22 Mar 2012
American South History Oct 14.
Book report due oct 28
Essay assignment
3 rolls of microfilm (only sources besides what we talked about in class) (reels not
Looking for things are identifiably southern. Supposed to tell prof what is southern.
What is Southern?
Part of the grade is how well you do your research…investigate
Colonial era will be sparse.
Thesis is southerness…
One roll from three groups
1) Colonial American revolution era
2) Late 18th and 19th century
3) 20th Century
How do you get work out of slaves?
The use of force:
Constant reality
Slave owner knows that it is always there up to a point. The idea of destroying your own
property sometimes stopped harsh punishment.
Depending on the violation:
Could receive extra work
Could mean the cancellation of a Dance
(at this level however there is not a violation of the Sunday off rule)
Solitary confinement
The Stocks
Most attention is drawn to the use of the whip. (symbol of white power) On some
plantatons whips were not used, sometimes it was always used. Punishment depended upon
the situation.
Whipping would occur if you attacked a white person (or even just touched him) or
running away (the law for running away says that they are “stealing themselves” so they
are charged with theft)
Industrial slaves do exist.
A lot of theses slaves will be working in war related industries.
5% of slaves worked in industrial settings
Lumbering slaves
Some city factories
“industries” early cotton mills (especially in the piedmont) estimated by 1860 there are
about 5000 slaves working in cotton mills, Iron industry… This is extractive The work at
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