American South Post War

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22 Mar 2012
American South Nov 9th
Post War:
Deconstruction of raliroads
Agriculturally useless after being burned by union soldiers
Confederate money is useless
¼ of southern young men were killed
Evolution of slavery some freedmen stayed on plantations to work
Bi racial society… how is this going to play out?
Stats 1860s
Totally value of northern wealth increased by 50%
While southern wealth decreased by at least 60%
1860- Southern shares of national wealth is 30%
1870- it is 12% and decreasing.
Long term political trends
Tips in favour for the North
If you are southern you have no hope of being a national politician
1930 southerner on the supreme court
Woodrow Wilson is southern but he trained himself not to be/ got rid of his accent and ran
as a northern senator
Jimmy Carter 1976 will be the first real southern prez
Karl Marx wrote about the civil war saying
The freeing of 3 million people could only be called a revolution.
Very little land reforms in the south
Freedmen’s bureau
Social workers to help the freed slaves
Help with education
Was it a revolution?
Author Foner argues that it was an unfinished revolution.
Freeing the slaves was the confiscation of 3 billion $ of property with out compensation
What makes it unfinished?
Every revolution has a counter revolution.
Bottom line slavery will not be reinstated
They are going to come as close to bring it back as they can
(civil rights will finish this revolution) only takes 100 years
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