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American South and the Civil War

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HIS 3321E
Eric Jarvis

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American South Nov 4
CIVIL WAR 1861-1865
There was opposition to secession
Alabama 61 to 39 (votes for) the 39 came from northern Alabama
(pattern areas with fewer slaves are generally mountins and usually opposed to seccession)
Georgia 208 to 89
Tenesse decided not to have a convention they had a referendum it was 2 to 1
Virginia key to possible success for the confederacy major sothern state could be the
swing vote. 88 to 55
Richmond Virgina becomes the capitial for the confederacy
Lee’s army of Northern Virgina Key to the south
There is a problem throught the war of opposition to the confederacy from southern states
There is clearly a sense of nation hood
In the midst of this war they need to build a country. Very difficult to do have to establish a
government whist trying to fight a war. Things like coinage and stamps etc
Population: Union states 23/ 22 million people
Confederate 11 states/ 9 million people (4 million slaves)
(yet the south survived the war for 4 years)
Agiricultre most is non food items there are sme food growing areas but the majority is
cash crop for export everytume the union goes into the south food is cut off and fields are
Breaks down and so goods/ foods could not be transported.
Industry: behind in thee industrial revolution because they have plenty of pysicall
labourers ( slaves are running away all the time during the war)
North was better off for industry (actually booming during the civil war)
Problem getting money ( a lot of ppl didn’t really pay taxes/ north cuts of trade)
Confederacy attempted to make its own currency which would be useless if they lost
Southern Army basically wearing rags near the end of the war many are with out shoes.
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