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Lecture 3

History 1401E Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Bourgeoisie

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HIS 1401E
Pierre Reynard

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History Lecture #3: Old Regime Social Structures Sept 21
Society of Orders or Estates
I) The Three Orders:
-Clergy, Nobility, Third estate
II) Key Principles:
-An Old Harmony, An Acceptance of Legal Distinctions between People:
Privileges Corporate and Challenges
III) Tensions and Challenges:
-Social Mobility
-Wealth as key indicator of social structures, or means of accessing wealth (how do
you make it).
-Early modern Europeans didn’t use wealth, clearly it mattered but nonetheless
wealth was not the key determinate to classify people in various groups. Status
evaluated by birth and occupation.
-Contemporary spoke of old regimes of society as societies of order/of states
understood or talked about society as being made up of estates (fundamental
categories to fit people in a box).
Clergy, First Estate:
-Refers to members of the church, room for one church in Europe or at least only
one church that was officially recognized, fully established/connected to the state.
-Rich and powerful, rich in real estate, donations, substantial tax exemption, allowed
to levy their own tax, collect certain percentage of income of most people (tithe),
collected fees from marriage and baptisms
-Within each church there was a hierarchy, basic parish priest was not super rich
-Power of church comes from its wealth, also based on many other aspects of life,
control of education, connections to the state, properties
-Faith of crops and health
Secularization distancing between every day life and religion
Nobility, Second Estate:
-A cast, a group that limited access to its own ranks, need to be born noble or be
granted noble by monarchy, excluded most people
-Linked to military service, a knight, 3-4 centuries it was accepted that nobility could
be given as a reward from the crown
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