History 1401E Lecture Notes - Lecture 15: Social Conservatism, The Book Of Lost Tales, Legislature

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Published on 16 Jan 2018
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History 1401E
History Lecture #15: The Napoleonic Settlement & Empire Nov 4
I) The Consulate: 25 Dec. 1799 constitution: Napoléon Bonaparte First
Consul (approved in Dec 1799 plebiscite)
1802: Napoléon Bonaparte becomes Consul for life
o Came together with the idea that France needed a stronger
o Napoléon would be apart of their conspiracy to control the
o Three people who took power (three consuls) proclaimed
that a new constitution would be crafted, France is now in
their hands
o This constitution made it so that elections did not choose
representatives, they would only suggest names, gov would
then decide
o Legislative power was now divided by 4 assemblys, makes
sure no power was concentrated too much in them, all had
a different role
o This constitution provided for a strong executive power
o Proved himself to be an able political animal who could
maneuver and out maneuver others (NEW FORM OF
o He brought a combination of broad popular appeal and firm
control of the military
Brought together this dangerous combination, this
was powerful
o Insisted on a survey plebiscite… do you accept
constitution, yes or no?
Greater part of population was in favor of this power
2 Dec. 1804: Napoléon ) crowned Emperor of the French
o Will of the public chose him
o First element of this public support is nationalism
o Revolution created the nation of France, he created a visible
opportunity to embrace the concept of the nation
o Easiest opportunity to embrace this abstract concept of the
o Belief that he would be able to restore order and stability in
II) The Napoleonic Years: Order and Stability at Home
1) A Firm Rule: Centralization and Growth of Powers of the State
Napoleon fully stabilized France
o Worked at strengthening powers of the state and an agenda
of reconciliation
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