History 1401E Lecture Notes - Lajos Kossuth, National Workshops, July Revolution

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16 Oct 2011

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European History
The Revolutions of 1848
Monday, November 29, 2010
Nationalism and Liberalism
In its earliest stages, nationalism was linked with the optimistic idea of
These twin forces led to anumber of dramatic uprisings across Europe.
The 1848 revolutions can be understood by two themes:
o The contention between the forces of liberalism and nationalism
o The struggle of various subject peoples for autonomy to gain
autonomy particularly under the Austrian empire.
The important trigger was the events in France after the fall of Napoleon
France after Napoleon
o The Bourbon house was restored in 1814.
o Louis XVIII realized the need for a charter a constitutional
o He accepted Napoleon’s civil code, and established a two house
An upper house, chosen by the king, and a lower house, elected
by an elite electorate.
This was only slightly democratic.
o These pleased few people it left both the liberals and the royalists
rather unhappy.
o Louis dies in ’24, and is followed by Charles X idiot.
o Charles was a reactionary a leader of the royalists.
Essentially, he tries to undo the charters. By 1830, France was
once again on the verge of revolution.
He censored the press, and dissolved the legislative assembly
because it was dominated by liberals.
He tried to elect a new royalist house.
o July Revolution
Charles was forced to abdicate after the populous revolted he
flees to England.
He is replaced with Louis-Phillipe called the ‘Bourgeoisie
He adopted a middle-class image, and called himself the
King of the French not of France.
This is indicative of the new power of the growing
middle class.
His reign clearly favoured the upper middle class.
o France is now in the throws of its own Industrial Revolution.
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