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Lecture 7

History 1401E Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Assignat, Veto, Excommunication

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HIS 1401E
Brock Millman

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Fear, Renunciation of Privilege, August 1789
The Great Fear, July-August 1789. Meaning to the madness death of manorial system.
Meanwhile, peasants without grain. Burying gold (therefore assignats and increasing hunger
in cities).
Remarkable developments in August all pre-revolution demands of the reformers were
conceded. Too late. 4 August, tithes, serfdom, manorial dues, feudal privileges, unequal
taxes, and the sale of office abolished. 26 August, Declaration of the Rights of Man and
Too late.
French politics begins to fracture. Emigration. Extremists.
When peasants get scared, they hide their money and withhold their food from the city
-want efficient constitutional government under good king louis
March on Versailles, 6 october 1789
Emigrations began.
March on Versailles to bring Louis back to Paris. Led by hungry women, bringing their
husbands in the National Guard with them.
Eventually storm the Palace and escort the King back to the City.
New constitution: constitutional monarchy. King given only suspensive veto.
Dangerous Convergence
High ideals without revolutionary mass = nothing
Peasant rebellion without a programme = nothing
Program + Mass = Revolution
Attacks on the Church and the Aristocracy, Nov 1789-June 1791
Popular outrage;
Determination to establish as facts what could be lost in theory.
Attacks on clergy:
•August 1789, abolition of tithes.
•Nov 1789, nationalization of church lands
•Feb 1790, abolition of monastic orders
•Civil constitution of the clergy, 12 July 1790; two days latter, Talleyrand and 200 ‘officiating
priests’ celebrates mass on ‘altar of the nation’ on 2nd anniversary of Bastille Day.
Only 5 Bishops and about half the clergy take the required oath. Pope excommunicates
those who had taken the oath.
Fighting begins. 1791 order sent out to arrest non-jurors. Louis XVI vetoes it.
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