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Lecture 10

History 1401E Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Scientific Racism, Caste System In India, Foot Binding

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HIS 1401E
Brock Millman

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European Imperialism in Nineteenth Century
How did European imperialism affect colonized nations in the later nineteenth and early
twentieth century?
1. Economic consequences
->3rd world economies developed in ways that supported the needs of the imperial power,
for raw materials and market
2. New patterns of migration
3. Cultural influences: clothing styles, languages (spread of english and french), forms of
education, western games
4. Political form
Attitudes of Colonizers to Colonized
1. Tendency to critique and seek alter native practices -> treatment of women (in india
practice of self-immolation by widows, china foot-binding), indian caste system,
slavery and slave trade (british sought to abolish slave trade in other nations)
2. Growth of scientific racism
3. Official attitudes towards sexual relations between europeans and natives
The British Empire
-largest in size (covered quarter of world in 1914)
->colonies settled largely by immigrants
Explanations for the Establishment of British Domination of India
-conquest of most of india in first half of nineteenth century, by east india company, until
-economic benefits to britain (source of raw materials, market for finished goods, source of
good trade with china, direct revenues from taxes, employment of people for colonies)
-conquered algeria
->muslim population disenfranchised (made to prove were not muslim in order to vote)
Imperialism in Africa
-individual entrepreneurs in the business of colonization
-strategic interests of imperial states (beyond the desire for access to markets and places for
-role of imperial ambitions in creating tensions between great power
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