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European integration
Nikolaus of Coudenhove-kalergi
Held the first pan europa
His ideas are very influential seen as the grand father of European union
What is the sovereign remedy?
To recreate the European family
France and Germany needed to find away to live together in peace
European unity was meant to keep peace
Integration would create better markets and create better living conditions all across Europe
Organization for European economic co-oportation 1948 was designed as a one time sort of
Council of Europe in 1949
Organization for economic cooperation changed to organization for economic cooperation
and development in 1960
Council of Europe is still around most countries are in it
European coal and steel community (1952)
Jean Monnet (1888-1979)
Robert Schuman(1886 1963)
Was very sensitive to Franco german affairs he felt that European coal and steel could help
to reduce tension between F and G
He thought that people should pool their resources together to help rebuild their economies
Coordinates all steel for all countries involved
No one country can dominate the steel market or the organization
Failure of European Defence Community
After 4 years of negotiation it failed
Joined Nato instead
Sueize crisis invasion of Egypt and this proved that the us would not back them up on
Treaty of Rome
European Economic Community EEC or also called the common market
European court
British intransigence British had always stayed autonomous
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