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Russian Revolution

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HIS 1401E

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Feb and oct 1917 revolutions was it a historical accident?
Russians could not match up with the german army
Catastrophes are caused by the backwardness of the Tsar
Nicholas goes to war to help moral but fails to do so and there is a power grab in his
1917 very cold winter made everything worse
Women went on strike for more bread doesn’t seem like a big deal to the government
But the strike gets larger
Down with the war down with the tsar!!
People were turning against the Tsar
Bunch of soldiers switch sides
The Tsar Government resigns
Soviet means council or committee
Nicholas tries to restore order but the army would not support him
Tsar family is eventually killed
Mismanagement of world war one was the main thing that made the people want to revolt
Russians greeted the Tsars fall with enthusiasm
Whose Revolution?
Power vacuum filled by the Provisional government and the Petrograd soviet. But the
Provisional was not very much like a government.
Petrograd soviet Order Number One
soviet army
only follow the provisional if they did not contradict orders by the soviets
The Russian Left
Agriculture over industry wanted to encourage rights for peasants Socialist
Revolutionaries (SR) the most popular but not well organized
Social Democrats good orthodox Marxists
Mensheviks and the Bolsheviks
Mensheviks Very theoretical and willing to co-operate with other revolutionary social
Bolsheviks led by Vladimir Lenin
Democratic centralism everyone had their right to say what they want within a private
setting but once the decision is made then everyone needed to move on.
Vladimir was born into upper middle class
Committed Marxist but saw it as a guide book. He was a revolutionary first
Was willing to justify violence and atrocities “if the ends justify the means”
Vladimir claimed that he represents the majority (even though the Bolsheviks were not)
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