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Darwin: Life is a struggle outcome is natural selection.
Darwin never uses the word evolution.
(wasn’t really the first one with this theory…but he was the first to have his theory
Darwin is the only one with massive evidence.
Book is written for general public.
Applies his theory to man. Evolves from apes…
Challenges Christianity….pisses ppl off.
Man is simply an animal
“If Darwin is right the bible is wrong
Life has no higher purpose if the bible is wrong.
Church rejects Darwin.
Huxley defends Darwin.
Debates with Archbishop and wins
Darwin’s theories were applied to the social and economical world……..hmmm like Karl
Marx. Says he’s the Darwin of sociology.
Competition and struggle is the natural way of life.
Social Darwinism…..not unified theory. Grouping of ideas
Marx of the middle class….Herbert Spencer evolution was the universal law and
effected everything….even planets. He argues that human history was the struggle for
existence among social organisms….came up with the term “survival of the fittest”
Doesn’t like charity and welfare because the weak then are able to survive
No public programs. Only the fit should survive. Sells a bunch of his books. PPL love
him…very popular thinker in his time.
Scientific Racism.
Ranking of humanity into a racial hierarchy.
White Europeans were at the top and the most evolved.
More evolved person has a bigger head for a bigger brain…or something
Racist Nationalism
Joseph argues white people are better.
This theory affected Houston who argues that the German people were destined to
rule the world. ( called the prophet of the third Reich) (no such thing as an Arian
race….its made up)
Benjamin…British and American people will eventually rule the world.
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