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22 Mar 2012

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In the 1900s quality of life for Europeans sky-rockets
Pretty good time to be a European
Most Europeans were united…principles and values --? Individualism Progress Market
What was good for capitalism was good for everyone
Growth of parliamentary …
Public health
Under current of anxiety
Europe is coming grips with new discoveries
Like y2k
Rise of Mass political parties
Extreme parties.
Lobby groups
Rise of Socialism
Science is the back bone of the liberal world view
Einstein and Planck believe that the universe really isn’t that rational
The Utopian world has now been replaced by a science that is not easy
To understand
Sigmund Freud
Sex and Poop
The role of the unconscious mind
The Interpretation of dreams was his most popular book
Artists challenge traditional ideas.
Picasso 1881-1973
Igor Stracinsky Ballet… Did what Picasso did for art
There was a riot in the theatre half loved it half didn’t
Not like classical music (rites of spring…look up)
Things need to change in Europe but they do not know how
The liberal Democracies
Poor performance in the Boer war for Britain
The war was supposed to be a cake walk but it doesn’t turn out that way. Boers use gorilla
war. The war saw the worlds first concentration camps
Bunch of peeps die
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