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22 Mar 2012
Nationalism and Romanticism
What is nationalism
arguably the most important ism from French revolution
Nationalism is the feeling that belonging to a nation is more important than
belonging to a town, province, class, social order, or religious group
What is a nation???
State= organized political body
Nation = social or cultural community
Nation-state = single nation within single state
Most states have multiple nations
Types of Nationalism
Liberal/ civic nationalism
people are bound together by their personal loyalty and adherence to a particular set
of principles
Ethnic Nationalism
based on the community
not the individual who is basis of power
People bound together by a common language, customs, culture and history
Strikes a cord with many European there is a historic mission for each nation and
provides the justification for the states to continue what they are doing but also
gives hope to the suppressed nations aka Greece, Poland etc
Problem: who is in the nation? How can you advocate for the rights of your nation when
there are others within your state?
The “Pan” Movement
Movement dedicated to the unity of all Slavic peoples
Used by Russians to promote Russian-ism and not western
Movement dedicated to the unity of all German speaking peoples within the
German Reicheven though there are Austrians within the German territory
Movement dedicated to the union of all Turkic peoples Gets in the way of other
Romanticism (term came into language in 1840s)
Ideology that applies to art and literature and impacts some political thinkers
Reaction to rational order of the enlightenment
Romantics stressed emotion over reason
Concerned with the emotions, moods, stories, sights and sounds of their time
Love for the unclassifiable or unquantifiable
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