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Population Growth and the Agricultural Revolution
Things that led to industrial revolution:
Mid 18th and 19th century population growth spurred new agricultural developments: New
techniques to grow food:
New crops: some crops added nutrients to the soil so therefore you could use more
of your land. This resulted in a better diet for everyone. Potatoes were a big deal
Transformational of Rural lands
Grain prices go up. Common lands are fenced and local peasants are upset
6 million acres are enclosed by the government.
Huge increase in available food: 1 person could produce enough food for 2.5 people thus
getting rid of the need for agricultural jobs
IR is more like an evolution takes place over 75 years-ish
It affects everything. New social classes, new outlooks, etc… new everything
Industrial revolution takes place in England first
Britain’s advantages:
water: Britain is an island so it is free from invasion
They do not have to invest money in a standing army instead they invest in the navy
Becomes the worlds leading colonial power
You can move more by water than land (Britain has a lot of rivers): Very efficient
transportation system
Raw materials: Britain has large deposits of coal
Capital: Money and well developed industrial info structure. Britain is one of the
richest countries in Europe. National banking system
One currency
Not a lot of tariffs
Entrepreneurship: more acceptable in Britain. More respectable.
Declining food prices. Average Brit had more money to spend
Other countries wanted British goods
Cottage system dies out because of industrial revolution
Cotton, Iron, Railroads (steam)
textiles was a big industry
A lot of things are invented to reform making textiles
Flying Shuttle
Spinning Jenny: makes more thread at a time. 1812 can make as much as 200 old
Water Frame
Spinning mule: combines water frame and spinning jenny
Power loom
Cotton gin : removes seeds from cotton faster
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