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22 Mar 2012

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The Rise of Napoleon Bonaparte: Oct 17 th
The Directory
Directory failed to provide stability
Opposed by royalists and Jacobins
War against the first coalition
Narrow power base
Relied upon the army for its legitimacy
French peasants aren’t happy with them either because they are anti-catholic
They are also in financial trouble
Relies on people who loaned them money bought church lands and the army
Born on the island of Corsica? Ethnically Napoleon is Italian but he is born a French
citizen. 5’2-5’6 ( he isn’t really short he is average)
Napoleon di Buonaparte (1769-1821)
Went to a military school in Paris Graduated in 1785 (he is 16)
He is put into the artillery because he is of lower birth and because hes good at math
Commissioned as a lieutenant
He was for the revolution and read and was fond of R
Accepts a job in the revolutionary army
Strong supporter of Jacobins
Promoted to General
Helps to save new government (the directory?)
He is promoted bit of a celebrity because he helps save the government
He beats 4 Austrian armies and abolished the old regimes in the parts of Italy he conquered
He returns home a hero
Goes to Egypt and wins some battles
And eventually peters out
He abandons the army
Returns to France and encourages scientific discovery of Egypt
Directory is bankrupt from wars
Napoleon recruited by Abbe Sieyes to help overthrow the Directory
Napoleon named first consul
Coup of 9th of November 1799
Sieyes wants to create a strong government and push napoleon to the side
He outsmarts them and is named first consul
The government of the consulate
Debated laws but did not vote on laws
Legislature votes on laws but did not discuss or debate them
Senate had the right to review and veto legislation
Council of state seat of practical power
Approved by plebiscite: National referendum
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