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22 Mar 2012

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The French Revolution
The Estates General
First Estate 303 Delegates mostly drawn from the lower clergy
Second Estate 282 Delegates mostly from the higher nobility
Third Estate 646 Delegates predominantly lawyers, doctors etc
Third Estate Refused to meet unless Joined by the other two estates
17 June 1789 Third Estate declared itself the National Assembly
19 June 1789 First Estate voted to join the third Estate
20 June 1789 Tennis court oath
23 June 1789 Louis XVI backed down and ordered the estates to meet together
Storming of the Bastille
Parisians riot after rumours of a plot to crush the Third Estate
Stormed Bastille Prison 14 July 1789
The Revolution Spreads
La Grande Peur (The Great Fear) 19th July-3Aug 1789
Peasant attacks on noble privilege
August Decrees “Feudalism is Abolished
Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen 26 Aug 1789
all men are born free and equal in rights
liberty, property, security and resistance to oppression
Sovereign power vested in the nation
The October Days
7000 women march to Versailles to demand bread and the return of Luis XVI to
King of the French
7 July 1789 Louis XVI official title changed from king of France to King of the French
October days helped to secure the revolution
National Assembly now concentrate on creating a constitution
King and the national assembly now more exposed to organized pressure from
It also demonstrated that popular violence could have major political effects
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