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22 Mar 2012
Rise and Fall of Napoleonic Empire
His rule is based on his ability to win (militarily)
Very similar to Luis 14th ( they both want to expend their power and the power of France)
the war of the First Coalition(1793-1797) Napoleon comes to the for front
War of the Second Coalition (1798-1802) Napoleon fails his war in Egypt in
War of the Third Coalition(1805-1806) forces Napoleon to abandon some of his
grander schemes sells Louisiana to USA Battle of Trafalgar (1805) France
and Italy lose and French Navy is destroyed but he does better on land
War of the fourth coalition (1806-1807) forces the Russian ruler to sue for peace
War of the fifth coalition(1809) Austrians try to fight again but lose
Napoleonic Warfare
Citizen soldiers not mercenaries war comes down to the average person
Levee en Masse create a Huge army more Europeans are now in the army
Divided army into separate units cores operated separately until they needed to
fight together Napoleon was able to sniff out talent and the Army benefited from
Promoted Skilled Officers
He promoted great loyalty in the army ate with common soldiers and talked to
Troops lived off the land the war must feed the war
Napoleon redraws the map of Europe
This is the End of the Holy Roman Empire
Puts his family in charge of the places he took over
He wants to strike at Britain because he is unable to have power over them
He wanted to conquer the sea by land continental system
The Spanish Ulcer
Napoleon invaded Portugal to deprive England to enforce the continental system
Established his brother Joseph as king of Spain
Spanish popular resistance guerrilla warfare
The French have no success in Spain
Britain supported Spanish and Portuguese with troops and supplies
A result of these wars is Nationalism within the war ravaged countries
Invasion of Russia
battle of Borodino 1812
14 September 1812 – Napoleon entered Moscow
The Russians had set fire to the city
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