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The Socialist Challenge
response to the social problems of the industrial revolution
Regarded the existing capitalist system as unjust
Believed that wealth should be owned socially or collectively
Man is good but oppressed by evil circumstances
Socialist origins
Utopian Socialists
Saint-Simon Planned economy directed by scientists and mangers New
religion of Humanity to unite society
Charles Fourier Ideal communities called Phalanxes Workers pursue their
own interests Pay incentives for undesirable tasks
Robert Owen People could be made better by better living conditions
Paternalistic attitude
Karl Marx
Influenced by G.W.F Hegel
Meets up with Friedrich Engles life long friend and supports him finically
Communist manifesto & Capital (writings)
Believed that economic interests drove human behaviour
History was the history of class conflict
The Dialectic (in action)
(Feudal lords) | (Serfs and peasants)
Synthesis (thesis) ---------------------Antithesis (guilds)
City life
Antithesis -------------------Synthesis (thesis)
(Proletariat) (Entrepreneurs)
(classless society communism)
Appeal of Marxism
All encompassing doctrine
Emotional appeal poor people feel like they are on the right side
Secular religion have evil sinners (burg) Chosen ppl (Proletariat) Holy Book
(manifesto) etc
Socialist culture
Becomes one of the dominant socialist idea
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