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Questions for The First World War: Breaking the Deadlock 1915-1917
1. Why was Verdun initially thought of as a cushy sector and why was
this assessment wrong?
2. Who/what were the Stormtroopers and why were they formed?
The stormtroopers were German soldiers created at the end of World
War I who specialized in infiltration and were designed to attack enemy
3. What were the consequences of the battle of Verdun for Germany?
Germany abandoned the attack after losing over 300,000 soldiers.
This was close to the number of casualties sustained by the French even
though the Germans originally greatly outnumbered the French.
4. Define ‘live and let live’? What did the British high command
consider to be a cure for this behavior?
Live and let live was a non-aggressive attitude towards fighting where
both sides would refuse to fire on exposed enemies. This was usually the
result of prolonged trench warfare and the British high command believed
that raids and patrols would cure this passive behaviour.
5. Why did the British fail at the Somme while the French army
6. What was the significance of Cambrai?
The battle of Cambrai was important for the British because it was the
first successful use of tanks in a joint offensive and proved that the
Hindenburg Line could in fact be broken.
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