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22 Mar 2012

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Pre-Revolutionary France
France in the 18th century was a rural society
It was linguistically diverse
French was the language of the upper class
Latin was the common language
Life was spent working most people worked in Agriculture
Cities were dangerously Unhealthy: 20% of the population lived in cities
Largest city in France was ½ a million people
Cities serve as commercial and administrative centers
**Waste was not disposed of properly in cities and thus cities were filled with
epidemics and disease**
18th century medicine was TERRIBLE
you wouldn’t want to go to a doctor
as a result life expectance was 54 years for men and 55 years for women(in the first
half of the century it was 27&33)
Most people get married around 27
The average woman was pregnant 6 times and 50% of children die before they are
5 years old
There were regional rather than national loyalties
Absolutism depended on how close you lived to the center of power
The Estates:
“Those who prayed those who fought and those who worked”
The Estates are not internally homogenous (they were not equal no social movement)
First Estate:
100 thousand-170 priests 1% of the population owns 10% of the land
Provide education, faith and news of the outside world
Documentation they are literate
Local Priests just as well off as Villagers
Bishops and Abbots and local priests do not agree which hat the Catholic Church
should be
Had to be noble to be Abbots and Bishops
Second Estate:
Nobles 3% owned 30% of the land
Seigniorial rights
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