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22 Mar 2012
War and Peace in the 18th Century
During wars the states would create alliances
To prevent one state from becoming to strong (powerful Dynastic and commercial rivalry)
Emergence of global economy and rivalries occur especially between Britain and France
Use Slaves (mostly men) transported 3 ½ million slaves; only 10% of slaves went to North
Mercantilism: IMORTANT
War of Jenkins Ear (1739-1748)
Ship Rebecca was stopped in 1731
Robert Jenkins claims Spanish official cut off his ear as disrespect to England
Robert Jenkins claims to British officials about Spanish atrocities to Britain Citizens
Turns into who will inherit the Austrian Empire (1740-1748)
1793- Pragmatic sanction when Charles dies the land must stay together and his daughter is
able to take the thrown
Fredrik the Great attempted to overthrow Maria Theresa (daughter of Charles)
She gets support from Hungary to save Empire
Everyone takes sides
Peace Treat of Aix-la-chapelle (1748)
Diplomatic revolution of 1756 (everyone switches sides)
Seven Years War
Austria befriends France and is joined by Russia
Prussia Aligns with Britain
Fredrik attacks again invades Saxony he does pretty well at first
But Sweden and some other countries join the Austrians
Fredrik believes he is going to lose but one of his enemies Tsarina Elizabeth of Russia
Dies. Her son likes Fred so Russia backs out of the war.
As a result everyone else backs out
Britain’s war effort is concentrated on colonial lands
1759 win Quebec (ending French rule in North America)
Sugar islands captures ending French influence of India
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