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7. The Roots of the French Revolution.doc

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The Roots of the French Revolution
How did the French Revolution begin? What were its origins and causes?
What course or courses did the revolution follow?
What did it achieve? Or fail to achieve?
How did it end?
What has been its legacy?
What is a revolution?
Revolution is a successful challenge to established political authority
Social Changes
Growth of the Bourgeoisie
Enlightenment challenge to authority
Other Crises
Agricultural Crisis Nobility revived old feudal dues
Financial Crisis Monarchy on the edge of bankruptcy Inefficient tax system
Weakening Monarchy
Louis XV (R. 1715-1774)
Timid and ineffective administrator
Louis XVI (R. 1774-1792)
Preferred tinkering with watches and clocks to governing
Marie Antoinette
Unpopular wife of Louis XVI
Diamond Necklace Affair
Countdown to Revolution:
Crown V.S the Nobility
Centers of noble resistance to the crown
Assembly of Notables(1786)
Estates General
Medieval French equivalent of the English Parliament
To be convened in May 1789
The Third Estate
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