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Lecture 21

History 1401E Lecture 21: Age of the Nation State Unification of Italy

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HIS 1401E
Pierre Reynard

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Wednesday, December 2, 2015
History Lecture
The Age of the Nation-State: The Unification of Italy
-The nationalist movement of Young Italy
best weapons came out of Northern Italy
European re-centring
-the centre of Europe moves West — toward the
Atlantic rather than the Mediterranean
The Rise of the Ottoman Empire
-blocking some roots of Italy
The Rise of Piracy
-sea-lane around Italy in the 17th century became
dangerous and costly
Declined Reformation
-cut off part of the flow from wealth
-nationalist movement of Young Italy // born in 1805, part of the new century
Mazzini envisioned/dreamt of a unified Italy
many Italians spoke several different dialects, but during this time, literature and
writing was believed to bring people together
-The Piedmont // Cavour Plan
Piedmont was a rich state // most advanced state in Italy
able to annex its neighbour and expanded all the way to taking over the “rich” part
of Italy, pushing back Austrian troops
-The French Connection
France ruled by Napoleon Bonaparte // Napoleon III
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