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Lecture 7

History 1601E Lecture Notes - Lecture 7: Positio, American Board Of Commissioners For Foreign Missions, Empress Dowager Cixi

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HIS 1601E
Cary Takagaki

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Jan 12
Taiping Rebellion
Jan 11, 1851, Hong declares himself the king
-Qing troops sent to put down the rebellion
-Qing troops defeated
-March 1853 Taiping capture Nanjing, the Qing auxiliary capital where their establish
their headquarters
-Taiping now number 1 million
-Success due to anti-Manchu feelings and a messianic ideological army
-private ownership of land abolished; money held in common treasury
-civil service exams based on Christian ideas open to both men & women(women did
not have the access through exams based on Confucius idea)
-opium-smoking, use of tobacco, wine & prostitution, footbinding, sale of slaves,
gambling and polygamy were all prohibited
-Taiping abolished private ownership pf land and communal utilization of land
1855: Taiping head north to the Qing court
View of Taiping
-Qing court
-Confucian elite

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Fall of Nanjing 1864
Consequence of the Taiping Rebellion
-30-40 million die (most due to plague & famine)
-more than 100 armed rebellions follow in China from 1840 to 1850
Second Opium War/Arrow War 1856-60
-Oct 8, 1856, Chinese police and 60 Chinese soldiers board the British ship, Arrow
Feb 1856: Father Chapdelain, a French Roman Catholic missionary in Guangxi
province is murdered
French join the British to attack China
April 1858: British & French move on Tianjin
Qing government sues for peace
Treaties of Tianjin(1858)
-opening of 10 new ports
-permission for foreigners to travel in China
-lower tariff for foreign goods in China (China can not protect domestic marketing
any more)
-opium trade legalized
-transfer of Kowloon peninsula to Britain
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