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History 1601E Lecture Notes - Sui Dynasty, Emperor Taizong Of Tang, Yangtze

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HIS 1601E
Carl Young

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HISTORY 1601E October 19th, 2010
The Sui Dynasty
o Founded by Yang Qian (Wendi) in 589 CE when he reunited all of China
o Succeeded by Yangdi (604-618)
o Strong central government
o Emphasis on conquest and infrastructure building
o Vietnam and Eastern Turks submitted to Sui
Fall of the Sui
o Conquests and infrastructure building led to high taxes and forced labour contributions
o Unsuccessful campaigns against Korean kingdom of Koguryo in 612-614
o Led to huge peasant rebellions
o Easter Turks rebel
o Yangdi flees to south China and is assassinated in 618
The Rise of the Tang
o Li Shimin, a general of mixed Chinese and barbarian descent (Turkish), emerges victorious
o Captures Changan in 617
o Establishes his father on the throne in 618
o After the death of his father, he killed his brothers and took the name of Taizong.
The Empress Wu
o Taizong was succeeded by Gaozong (649-683) who consolidated the empire
o Empress Wu rules through puppet emperors after Gaozong’s death
o Assumes the throne in 690 and rules until 705
o Only female ruling “emperor”
o Strong supporter of Buddhism
Xuanzong (712-756)…
o Reign was the high point of Tang culture and prosperity
o Growing financial problems
o Tang forces defeated in Central Asia in 751
o Beginning of era of crisis
o Tang dynasty has hobbled existence for next century and a half
Tang Society…
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