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Lecture 2

History 1810E Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Protestant Wind, Plausible Deniability, Elizabeth I Of England

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HIS 1810E
Jonathan Vance

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The Deadline of the Portuguese Empire and The Rise of other Empires
How and why did the other European countries begin to challenge the Portuguese in the East?
- want the challenge the Portuguese- Catholic powers- Philip of Spain
Potential Challengers
- England
→ both are protestant, seas going nations→ fishing active in Atlantic
-16th century interest in exploration (looking for more routes to China)
Sir Francis Drake (england)
- circumnavigated the globe 1577- 1580
“licensed pirate” -search for gold -stealing from Spanish
-first Englishman to make it to the Spice Islands
-allied with Sultan Boab of the Ternate (portuguese exiled)
Queen Elizabeth 1st
- complex history with Philip of spain
- her sister died and he then offered to marry her instead (many consequences)
- privateers gave her plausible deniability
The Dutch Reepublic and England
-historic trading connections
- co-religionists
- Treaty of Nonsuch 1585
→ Phillip- full military attack by Habsburg empire
The Armada
-Drake burned 30 spanish ships at Cadiz 1587
- Spanish fail to pick up troops effectively in the low countries
-battle in the english channel for days
- “protestant wind”- pushes the NW, then South
→ claimed god was on english side
Elizabeth moving into greater power
Meanwhile, on the other side of the world
-1586-88 on the other side of the world
-emphasizes Portuguese weakness
-supporters of the Portuguese pretender Dom Antonio
-1589 English merchants petitioned to go to Asian waters
-fleets left in 1591 & 1596 (few returned, then none)
The Dutch Traders
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