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Lecture 4

History 2125F/G Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Internal Combustion Engine

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HIS 2125F/G
Peter Krats

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Northern Enterprise Lecture 4
National policy: Game changer
o Game changer
o Created Canada
o BNA Act
New Dominion requires new capital (compromise between
lower and upper Canada instead of Toronto or Montreal)
Federal system implemented and favoured over unitary
o Bank Act
Government controls currency
Continues/expands centralized banking [few firms/many
Strong regulation e.g. Prohibits foreign ownership of banks
o Physical Expansion
British Columbia
Broke colony from post-gold rush economy
Rupert’s Land
Purchased from Britain
Railways grew the west
P.E.I joins Canada going broke building railways
Push for immigration to the Canadian frontier
Advertised all over Europe not just anglo-celtic areas
Advertised as free but there were overhead charges
immigrants were unaware of
When immigrants came without money to access their
free land they had to work for very low wages
o Contributed development of Canada and some
deemed this step necessary
Urban growth
Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Regina, Calgary, Edmonton boom
o Controlling the west
Purchased: e.g. Rupert’s land
Evicting natives off their land
Treaty system
Supressing Metis rebellions e.g. red river
o Transportation
Obligated to build railways to New Brunswick and Nova Scotia
or they would not have signed the constitution-> therefor
entrenched in our constitution
Created public sector railway
CPR: Rich contract
Gave financial subsidies ($25 million or financial budget
for entire year)
Gave and paid for prime land
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