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Lecture 2

History 2125F/G Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Samuel Cunard, Mercantilism, Five Ws

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HIS 2125F/G
Peter Krats

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Northern Enterprise Lecture 2
Canadian Mercantilist economies in early BNA
o Colonies only traded with one and other e.g. ontarians have their own
mercantilist system and nova scotia and new Brunswick have their
own mercantilist system
Layers of separate economies
o Mercantilist
Complete domination by the united kingdom
Led to inefficiency e.g. product had to go to England and then
be shipped back
Well kept records by British government
o Colonial economy
Trade within a colony
Rare to trade with other colonies early on (exception: New
o Local economy
Day to day transactions that fuels other layers
Very little record
Current economic staples
o Fishing on east coast
o Square timber
Relies on very large tree
Cut in winter
Better mobility in snow
Remote harsh camps
Timber has to be squared in forest after being cut
Thousands of logs are left on frozen lake and when lake melts
they can be tied together in a raft and floated downstream
First crews come late falls, last crew done after ice melts and
logs loaded on ship
In early 19th century high majority of all ship tonnage was
squared timber
Trade brings together upper Canada and lower Canada
economically- first integrated British north America type
o Fur trade dies down as percentage of economy over time
o Shipbuilding
Side effect of timber industry
Proto-industrial industry
builds Atlantic economy
o Wheat Exports
East coast economy
o Buit on 5 ws
Have ocean access so start to trade with other colonies
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