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Lecture 3

History 2125F/G Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Intercolonial Railway, Credit Theory Of Money, Clifford Sifton

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HIS 2125F/G
Peter Krats

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Lecture 3:
National Policy:
A Great Transformation
National Policy:
Creating Canada BNA act
Bank Act
Physical expansion
New Dominion / New Parliament -1866
Canada east and Canada west can not get any thing done in Government
Britain has got rid of mercantilism they do not see any use for colonies
They tell us we should be on our own
Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec, Ontario
When it is created – Federal and provincial systems
Bank Act 1871
Government control currency
Continues / expands “centralized” banking
Dominion Note Act 1870
Government paper <$4.00
Growing Canada
Fathers of confederation imagined a large land
1867 still small
Imagined a place sea to sea
Very rapidly - Buy Rupert’s Land from Hudson’s bay company
Starting hearing from British Columbia wanted to be in Canada
Leader was from “Canada West” Ontario
Key 1st Step: Seize Lands from First Nation and Metis
Didn’t share took 99 percent and gave them 1 percent and put them on
Deaths include Louis Riel
Reservation Acts 11 treaties
Intercolonial Railway
Government in Ottawa Calls for offers for which investors want to build a
railway west
Build a railway to British Columbia
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