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Lecture 5

History 2125F/G Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Scientific Management, Industrial Workers Of The World, Infant Mortality

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HIS 2125F/G
Peter Krats

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Class: History!
Date: Thursday, 4 October, 2012
National Policy II - The Labour Side
Main Points
Recall the NP
Create Canada: BNA Act
Physical Expansion
Railway Building
Settling the west
Protectionist Policy
Remember the image of the cow in regards to the national policy
Big Operation & New Notions
Laboring Lives (Staples, rural and urban)
Workers React
I. Unions of Many Sorts
II. Divisions & Limits
Business Government
Larger Operation
•Food Processing (Make cheese in more mechanized ways)
•Retail -> Modern Forms
Securing Bigger Firms
I. Limited Liability
II. Price Fixing
III. Mergers
• These 3 aspects led to elite control
Telephone Companies:
1880: 2100 users
1914: 237,068 (Bell telephone system ran the show)
Banks were considered very safe, many branches, but few different banks. This is
different then the U.S. Who has thousands of banks
Corporations as
Limited liability & joint stock
Corporations have “rights” as citizens
I. Protection of property
II. Broader legal protections
In large, corporations gain rights of an individual, but little legal discussion about
the responsibilities borne by citizens
Managers run firms in order is maximize shareholder value
Larger corporation = More
Scientific Management Taylorism :
Time and Motion Studies
If he wont go faster, make him or fire him
The modern take on Taylorism : is it works well
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