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Lecture 13

History 2125F/G Lecture Notes - Lecture 13: Monetarism, Collective Bargaining, Ikea

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HIS 2125F/G
Peter Krats

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Monetarist Canada Part 3 19:31
Labour faces legal as well as practical challenges
We live in a world of rights (gay, Quebec, woman’s)
1987 unions not “in” charter
2001 Supreme Court uphold mandatory membership
2002: BC Government tries to change contract terms unilaterally  unions
challenge this in court
2007: Supreme Court – earlier
Government cannot enact law that “Substantially interferes” with ability to
bargain collectively
Collective bargaining “an associated right”
Collective bargaining a part of “Freedom of Association”
Supreme Court 2007: See course notes, essentially helps workers
Courts now seem to side with unions
Legal Complexities aside, economic forces and poplar indifference saw the
labour movement struggle for relevance
For a long time unions were a leading force for social rights, in a new global
neoliberal Canada there are private companies, charities, united way, food
All these people become lobbyists for change
Canadians Buy Into new Model
“avoid the workplace rut” – or how 12 careers in a lifetime is better
If you want to be a contract employee or work many different jobs, It makes
it difficult to get a mortgage
It might not be a bad thing to have job security
Take heed of advertising
McDonald’s advertising
Ikea has you build the furniture instead of hiring people to build the stuff
Accepting that “The Markets do not Lie”
Money traded on markets is not real
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