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Lecture 22

History 2145A/B Lecture Notes - Lecture 22: Mischling, Miscegenation, Oct-4

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HIS 2145A/B
Wesley Gustavson

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The Holocaust
Holocaust: sacrifice consumed by fire
Shoah: Hebrew for Catastropheor destruction
oRestrictive legislation
oRemoval and expulsion
oFinal solution (extermination
Intentionalists vs. Functionalists
oHitler’s speeches and writings are blueprint for genocide
oNazi policies are incremental step in master plan
oProblem: lack of evidence for premeditation of genocide
oHolocaust result of anti-Semitic policies, Nazi bureaucracy, and demand of war
oCumulative progress
-Modern functionalist
oNo master plans, initiatives from above and below
oHitler at centre of decision making process
-Germany not the worst
-A lot of Germans turned off by radical anti-Semitism, Hitler had to turn the discrimination down in speeches
-People voted for Nazis IN SPITE of anti-Semitism not BECAUSE of it
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-National boycott of Jewish owned stores
-Storm troopers blockade Jewish stores
Legal Exclusion
-Apr 7th 1933- Civil Service reconstruction law
oJews banned from civil service job
-Sept 29th 1933- Reich Chamber of culture
oBanned Jews from artistic world
-Oct 4th 1933- National Press law
oBanned Jews from press
-July 14th 1934- Law on the revocation of naturalization and annulment of German citizenship
oAny immigrant Jews had citizen revoked
Nuremburg Laws (Sept 15th 1935)
-Not well thought out
-night before
-Series of laws lumped together
-Reich citizenship law
oOnly those of German or similar blood can hold German citizenship
oEveryone else second rate
-Law for the protection of German blood and German honour
oBanned marriage and sexual relations between Aryan and Jewish citizens
-Law for the protection of the genetic health of the German people (Oct. 1935)
oHad to undergo medical examination before you could wed
-How do you define Jewish?
-Fell back on religious term
-Mischling[e] - mixed blood (only 1 or 2 Jewish grandparents are the only Jewish part of family lineage or
family unit)
Policy lessening
-Order given by Hitler to keep anti-Semitic activity to minimum during 1936 berlin Olympic games
-Impressed German Jews and international audiences
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