History 2145A/B Lecture Notes - Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Luigi Sturzo, Confessing Church

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19 Apr 2012
Office 210 LH KC
Wed 1-3 Th 11-12
essay proposal nov 23 10%
essay short jan 25 15%
essay final mar 15 20%
participation 15%
final 30%
Lecture 1
1920’s – looking for a new god -> romanticism disillusioned
Luigi sturzo, Father; anti-fascist, founder of H. pop. Party/ Christian democracy
Forced into exile 1924 1945
Dietrich Bonhoeffer Lutheran theologian; anti-nazi leader of confessing church the cost of
discipleship (1937) executed april 1945
Alex. Solzhenitsyn exiled from USSR in 1974
Wrote the gulag archipelago
Writer and historian
Hannah Arendt
German political theorist
Wrote “origins of totalitarianism”
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