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History 2145A/B Lecture Notes - Volksgemeinschaft, Family Values, National Socialist Program

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HIS 2145A/B
David Norton

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Hist1403E January 23, 2012
Lecture 24
Society Nazi Germany
The primary Nazi Germany was to create an entirely new society. Do they achieve it?
It is claimed by some that Hitler was not especially concerned with education because it
did not emphasize the German way (lacking in history, English, sociology, etc. and
emphasize mathematics, history, physical education, etc.).
In the beginning, Jews were allowed to teach non-Jews.
He wanted to teach from the children up every level should be given opportunities.
University was not a priority (there was no financial support or grants), and there was an
increased stress on hands-on, practical learning.
o Germany had a history of providing fun education. This was started with the
concept of Wandervogel = “singing birds.”
o The idea was that wealthy families could send their children to this group (only
for boys) to focus on trips to a place of historical significance. This would instill
pride in your country. It incorporated being away from the family (one weekend
per month) and learning independence. It was very Christian-based and Kaiser
o No Jews!
Deutches Bund
o “The German Bunch”; very similar in outlook, but more aggressive. Instead of
games, this group teaches fighting and battle tactics.
o Not for such wealthy backgrounds; for the middle-lower class.
o Focus was to instill warfare, pride, and revenge.
Hitler Jugend (Hitler Youth)
o Originally this was a voluntary group.
o 1936 Hitler Youth Law
It became mandatory and more real than mock. They would go in and
fight with other groups of different interests.
There was no more interest in the Kaiser.
Trained future Nazi leaders. They would learn how to control groups and
about the Nazi party platform.
Magazines were printed to promote this movement.
Winter Works Project
Hitler and the Nazi party wanted to look good internationally.
Members of the youth would go into communities to help the less
Women and Family
“Kinder, Kirche, Kuche” = Children, Church, and Kitchen.
o This was the Nazis saying that they wanted to promote the upbringing of
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