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Published on 11 Dec 2012
Expansion of Confederation
Rupert’s Land
Canada would work todays working on getting control of Rupert’s Land - to be under directly Canadian control
and be open for settlement (George Brown)
1868: working on it with England
Cdn government agrees to pay for this area
Concession: get to keep the trading posts and the land around it - that’s where the HBC people are living
HBC makes a lot of money from this sale - HBC stockholders are happy - HBC able to keep its trading posts
In NW territories
Northwest Territories
1869: Act for the Temporary Government of Rupert’s Land & the North-West Territory
Surveyors are sent out to look at the land to see where railways should go
Lots of loopholes - people previously didn’t have to have land deeds to hold land because it wasn’t heavily
People lost their lands because they couldn’t produce the land documents
Most people living here are Metis and First Nations (English don’t think this population needs the responsible
English believe that they do not need land claims
Manitoba Act, 1870
Louis Riel is involved
Red River Colony went into the US
Delays Manitoba from being a province by a year
Metis land rights
British Columbia
1821: HBC and NW merges to stop the pelican war
HBC monopoly
Russian-American Fur Company is operating in the area - competing against each other
Convention of 1818
Comes about after War of 1812 when American, British, and Canadians talk about where the boundaries will
49th parallel
Very few white people living there at Hudson Bay Company decide to leave Oregon territory alone
Open trade can be done freely - open border
Boundaries are made but not heavily regulated
1840 changes this
Overland movement of people moving from eastern US to west coast - not a lot of people living in the
Going to Oregon territory and settling there
Rumors of gold in California which stimulate a rush of people moving to the west
The central area gets filled up last
HBC decide to do something in case US decided to take over the whole thing
Oregon Treaty, 1846
James Douglas
Becomes governor in 1849
Was HBC employee
December 3, 2012
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