History 2201E Lecture Notes - Dalton Mccarthy, Laurier Liberals, Provincial Rights Party

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30 Apr 2013
History Lecture 30 Jan. 23rd
Imperialism & Nationalism, 1885-1914
- Oliver Mowat, Premier of Ontario and “Father of Provincial Rights”
- Achievement of Confederation, Quebec has it’s own gov’t
- Issues of local concern given to the provinces because Quebec has control of
it’s own culture
- The major interpretation is that John A MacDonald created a centralized
nation where the most significant powers remained in the hands of Ottawa
and the federal gov’t
However, provinces are still given weight, power, and influences
Dominion provincial dispute (argument between federal gov’t and
provincial gov’t)
- In the years following Confederation, there is discontent
Maritimes are unhappy
Long decline of the Maritime region
Decline of the timber trade brought New Brunswick & Nova Scotia
into prosperity around the war of 1812
Lack of economic diversity within the region
This is seen most prominently in the people from the Maritimes down
to New England, as well as people from Quebec (constant
issue/problem for the gov’ts)
Constant request from the provincial gov’ts to increase the subsidy
from the federal gov’t; better railway connecting the Maritimes to
central Canada
Shifting towards central Canada, there is a series of disputes between
Oliver Mowat & John A MacDonald jurisdictional battles; Oliver
Mowat takes John A MacDonald and the federal gov’t to court over the
Ontario Boundary Dispute (boundary between Ontario and
Oliver Mowat is a liberal and MacDonald is a Conservative
Shows that the provinces are being wrongly treated by the
federal gov’t
The Guibord Affair
- Joseph Guibord, member of the Institut Canadien (Gentleman’s book club) –
get together in the libraries and smoke cigars and drink brandy
- Bishop Bourget puts out an edict saying that no good Catholics can be
members of that club, and if they are they should be ex-communicated
- Joseph Guibord dies, and that starts the Guibord Affair
They go to bury him and the bishop says that he can’t be buried in
consecrated ground because he was ex-communicated
Issue goes to the court
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