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Canadian history

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HIS 2201E

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American revolution
Quebec from the British “conquest” to the Rebellion of 1837
New France Quebec lower Canada Canada east Quebec
After 1763 combination of resilience and resistance (French community)
1 Royal Proclamation Act 1763 Proclaimed by the English Gov. provisions it made
to governing New France. the plan was to treat this as a conquered region. No civil
rights; no say in gov. Catholic church could not collect dues. However this plan was not
very practical because there were 70,000 people. The British officials (governors murry
and carlton)in the territory decided not to enforce the proclamation act. The governors
decided it was best to suck up to the elites so they will convince the rest of the people.
2 Quebec Act, 1774 new constitution for quebec formally grant some rights to
French people. And recognizes different institutions within Quebec. the Catholic Act
will be able to collect stuff. (NOTE LOOK THIS UP PROF SUCKS AT EXPLAINING)
Appointed council and Roman Catholics could serve on it. This is important because roman
catholics in England would not be able to have these same rights. (CH 5 of Journeys)
3 Constitutional Act 1791