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Lecture 10

History 2201E Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Louis-Hippolyte Lafontaine, Rebellion Losses Bill, Complete Control

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HIS 2201E
Linda Sabathy- Judd

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Lecture 10 Part 2 Path to Responsible Government
Irresponsible government: the executive is not responsible to the
See slides on government
o Reformers win the majority of the Legislative Assembly in 1834
But still couldn’t get reforms through because of barriers
between the Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council
Wrote a report and sent it to Britain to address the problem
o Sir Francis Bond Head
Sent to sort things out
Disappointment as lieutenant governor as Upper Canada
Some think they mistook Sir Francis Bond Head for Sir
Edmund Head
Took some of the reformers into his executive council, but
didn’t listen to their advice; caused havoc in the Assembly
Refused to sign the Civil List
Dissolved the Assembly
Very inept as governor
True rebellion breaks out in Lower Canada
Bond Head sends troops from Upper Canada to quell the
Upper Canadian Rebellion
o When the troops left for Lower Canada, Mackenzie took action
o Met at Montgomery Tavern on December 7, 1837 to take over the
Changed the date to December 4, but didn’t inform everyone
Much reduced number came to the tavern and went to Toronto
Robbed a bank, stole arms, stopped for lunch, etc.
Brief exchange of shots, ended the rebellion
Mackenzie fled to the United States and lived in exile for 10
years; warrant out for his arrest but never was arrested
Lower Canadian Rebellion
o Much more serious, problems with the government and French
Canadian-English conflicts
French Canadian nationalism rising to the surface
Problems with two different groups sharing one province
o Radical and moderate reformers were mostly French Canadians,
minority is the British conservatives who have most of the money
o Patriotes/Sons of Liberty led by Joseph Louis Papineau
Against the fact that the Legislative and Executive Councils
were dominated by the English Tories
o Ninety-Two Resolutions of Grievances
More in depth report compared to what they got from Upper
Lord Gosford sent to smooth things over
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