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Lecture 11

History 2201E Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Joseph Howe, Charlottetown Conference, Great Coalition

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HIS 2201E
Linda Sabathy- Judd

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Lecture 11 Part 1 Confederation
Legislative Assembly in the Province of Canada
o French Canadians wanted representation by population
o Canada West’s population passes Canada East quickly because there
was more land available
o Once the population of Canada West was larger, then they wanted
more people in the Assembly (rep by pop)
Political strife never went away
o Causes many deadlocks, upsets the people, radicals come to the floor
Reform English appear, known as the Clear Grits (now known
as the Liberal Party), led by George Brown (owner and editor
of the Globe)
New French Reform radicals appear, known as Parti Rouge, led
by Antoine Dorion
Now have 6 factions in the Assembly with the same number of
seats (42 for Canada West and 42 for Canada East)
o Parti Rouge was radical in the sense that it began to attack the
Catholic Church
Start to become anti-clerical
Didn’t want the church to have so much say on how the part of
the Province was run
Frightened other French Canadians, going against their
o Moderate French Reformers, known as Bleus, started to work with
they Tories (long time enemies) to go against the Parti Rouge
All 4 of the original factions join together, including the Bleus,
and form the Liberal-Conservative Party in 1854
John A. McDonald steps into the limelight: elected as Attorney
Strongest voice of the Party
o Deeply entrenched differences between French and English still
causing problems
Causes the Clear Grits to gain more and more support of power
Led by George Brown
Form the British-Liberal Party
Start to work with the Parti Rouge and form a government in
1858; lasted for 2 days
Liberal-Conservative Party take control of the government, run
by John A. McDonald and George Etienne Cartier
o Main problem was the Canada West and Canada East have an equal
number of seats
o What to do?
Need to federate with an overriding government
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