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Lecture 15

History 2201E Lecture Notes - Lecture 15: Chanak Crisis, Isolationism, Autonomous Communities Of Spain

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HIS 2201E
Linda Sabathy- Judd

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Lecture 15 Part 2 William Lyon Mackenzie King’s International Affairs
King’s International Affairs
o King wanted a complete freedom for Canada to act on its own in
matters of international affairs; move away from Britain
o Didn’t push the issue, but when the opportunity arose he took a firm
o Common imperial policy that was in place during the war needs to be
Canada should not get involved in wars that didn’t concern it
o Britain was supposed to defer to the empire over major changes that
would affect them; started acting without permission of the
E.g. Chanak Crisis, 1922
Britain occupying Turkey after WWI
Turkish forces threaten to attack British occupying
Britain asks dominions to send men there to support
them in case it comes to war
King took a solid stance and refused to get Canada
involved in something that didn’t affect them
o Foreign Trade
Britain still had a lot of say, King ignored this
Halibut Treaty signed with United States to Canada could fish
off the coast of Oregon
King does this without consulting Britain
Balfour Report, 1926
Confirmed the national standing of the commonwealth
Declared autonomous communities with the British
empire, equal in status
No way subordinate to one another in any respect of
their domestic and external affairs
Enacted into law by British Parliament at the Statute of
Westminster, 1931
o Called the Magna Carta of the commonwealth
o Gave Canada the full powers of nationhood in the
field of law