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Lecture 18

History 2201E Lecture Notes - Lecture 18: Avro Canada Cf-105 Arrow, Cim-10 Bomarc, James Gladstone

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HIS 2201E
Linda Sabathy- Judd

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Lecture 18 Part 1 John G. Diefenbaker
John G. Diefenbaker
o Elected in 1957
o Eager, but inexperienced in foreign affairs
o Best remembered for destroying the Avro Arrow project in 1958
Had no choice but to cancel it: cost was extremely high and
threatened to undermine the government, can’t justify the cost
Sputnik had already been lost
o Portrayed as a western anti-American; really not (from Ontario)
Didn’t like the “Yankee” influence on Canada, but knew how
much Canada needed the US for defense
o Atomic armaments for Canada
Showed his inexperience in dealing with these matters
Accepted the American Bomarc Missile to be installed in
northern Canada, mostly northern Quebec
Americans assumed that installing the missiles would arm
Canada with nuclear warheads
Diefenbaker didn’t want nuclear arms in Canada; wanted to
Bomarc missile access to them it they were needed
Ran afoul with US (especially President Kennedy) as well as
No nuclear weapons could be launched from Canada unless
Canada and the US agreed to it
1971: ratified Non-Proliferation Treaty
Under Trudeau, has all nuclear weapons from Canada
o 1960: Bill of Rights
Confused more than it clarified
About racial, ethnic, etc. rights
Based on the ideas of the Saskatchewan provincial bill of rights
(1947), created by Tommy Douglas
Adopted by the UN General Assembly as a universal
declaration of human rights
Tommy Douglas
Aware that people are vulnerable at the hands of the
state, corporations, private enterprise, unions, etc.
Extended to women and Natives
Diefenbaker took a Native into his cabinet, James
Also took Ellen Faircloth into his cabinet, first woman
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